On this web page are resources to deepen understanding of ICT literacy and its integration into curricula. The web page also notes professional development opportunities.

ICT Literacy Standards and Guidelines


Teaching ICT Literacy

MERLOT offers several ways to locate information about teaching ICT literacy.

1. Search by MERLOT category index under:

  • Academic Support Services  / Information and Communication Technology Literacy / Lesson Plans and Curriculum Guides
  • Academic Support Services  / Library and Information Services / Information and Communication Technology Literacy / Lesson Plans and Curriculum Guides
  • Education / Digital Citizenship
  • Education / Teacher Ed / Instructional Technology
  • Humanities / English / Language / Composition and Rhetoric (for writing research papers)
  • Science and Technology / Information Technology / Information Literacy

2.  Consult MERLOT Community Portals:

3. As noted on the main page, For an introduction to MERLOT and its use to support ICT literacy, see the workshop at https://contentbuilder.merlot.org/toolkit/html/stitch.php?s=80679667629935

4. MERLOT has several tutorials that address digital media tools and their use. For example, this set of tutorials cover the production aspects and pedagogical considerations for the creation of instructional videos for online delivery: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZgQcUOVj_STYVjhKkPytl-RDVKZ4Wm7aXPUqo4NkoAo/edit

and related curriculum is found at https://www.merlot.org/merlot/viewMaterial.htm?id=1016923 and the MERLOT resource "Digital Media Creation"

5. Curriculum is only as good as its resources. MERLOT and its linked libraries provide thousands of creditable, appropriate learning objects. Nevertheless, it is important to know how to evaluate digital resources. You can look at a MERLOT peer review to see useful criteria for evaluation. Here are a couple of other good guides.


Professional Development Opportunities

CSU’s Course Redesign with Technology program is a good way to learn how to incorporate ICT literacy into the curriculum.

Upcoming ICT Literacy related events include:


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ICT Literacy Success Story Video: Web 2.0 and the study of history through a living learning community -- similar videos are found at the Coalition for Networked Information's video channel